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Growing up, I always loved food. I mean duh, it's literally life- But, I've always had a deep appreciation for the art of food and it's ability to change any mood, setting, and intention, with delicious grace. 

I started SPEAKHEALTHYTOME because I wanted to share my deep devotion for making healthier eating more easily accessible. With that in mind, I have worked with dozens of incredible companies and businesses that I truly believe share those same values.

 For these companies and businesses, I have created timeless photography and awe-inspiring content. With these invaluable assets, they've not only increased ROIs but all together, have collectively spread the "healthy food can be not only attainable but also delicious" messages all over social media.

Whether you're a local "mom & pop" establishment or a mid-high level business, I'm your best choice for creating content that will serve you for years to come...

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Ilana muhlstein, m.s., r.d.n.
nutrition entrepreneur, best selling author

"Corinne reached out to me right as I needed someone with her skill set. She was amazing to work with and super organized. I can't thank her enough for her professionalism and creativity, and for making my vision come to life!"

Abigail down, social media manager
jysk - Purdys chocolatier

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Corinne as a freelance videographer during my time at Purdys Chocolatier, and highly recommend her for her excellent content creation skills. Her video content contributed to a successful launch for two campaigns. I highly recommend Corinne for any freelance social media content and am confident she will positively impact any organization."